Land of the Free

Land of the Free

You threw my people in chains

Land of the Free

Our pain was your gain

Now tell me who’s the real beast

Land of the Free

You held me in captivity

Land of the Free

It wasn’t free for me

You celebrate your independence every year

Fireworks and cheer

All we do is bring up what happened over a century ago

We don’t honor OUR liberty

‘Cause we were never freed

There isn’t justice for all

The white man will never fall

Privileged women fighting for equality

Nah it’s not the same thing

You ridiculed the Germans

Then imprisoned the Japanese

For you there is no wrong

Your superiority has reigned too long

This is more than my history, it’s my reality

When will this end

Your hatred can no longer win

I’ll never give up this fight

Every night I cried cause nothing went right

You don’t have to like me

But, why can’t you accept me

Why must you kill me

Beat me

Threaten me

Shackle me

Land of the Free…

Just not for me

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