Food for Thought

Guilty until proven innocent, it’s the world that we live in. Reasonable doubt turned against us, it isn’t maybe (s)he didn’t do it, it’s maybe (s)he did. Unless of course you’re white, rich, or famous; best if you are all three. 6th amendment, right to a lawyer, but what good is it when he’s really playing for the other team? You put your life in his hands, he runs your pockets dry, then gives you to the enemy. Nothing in the world is free, especially not freedom, and if you can’t pay the fee, they’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

Not to mention cops, the ones who swear to protect and serve us, kill faultless civilians everyday… What kind of punishment do they get? A suspension maybe, or fired if we are lucky. Yet if a minority is even accused of doing something, they pay the price and sometimes it’s with their life. For instance, a 71 year old (black) woman is charged with medicare fraud and money laundering, she gets sentenced to ten years in prison. In addition, she never had any run ins with the law, and the bulk of the evidence against her is witness testimony. On the other hand, Blane Salamoni shoots a 37 year old 6 times, takes his life; still his punishment is unemployment? Meanwhile there is video footage that shows Salamoni pushing the man, cursing at him, tasing him, and calling him out of his name… As the man pleads for his life and ask “What’s the problem? What did I do?” Salamoni responds “I will shot you in your f***ing head.” However, because Blane is a white, police officer, who “feared for his life”, and the Victim was BLACK, he never even saw the inside of a court man. But,the system sentences someone who has been alive 71 years and has a clean record, to a possible life sentence. Where is the justice in that? Is money worth more than a life?  “Freedom and Justice for all”? Tell Alton Sterling that. Alton Sterling Case

When will justice be available for all everyone? If a person commits a crime that person deserves to be punished, no matter who he is. And for those who live a blameless life, they shall remain free. A badge shouldn’t be a get out of jail free card, nor should the color of one’s skin determine guilt or innocence. This is not an annoying itch that will just go away, this is real. People are dying everyday and some of the criminals wear blue; they blend in with the good guys… The number of incarcerated blacks are only increasing, not just men, but women too. America is still getting rich off slavery. This racism and disgust is learned behavior. It’s not too late to change the way we think…

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