Music distracts from unfavorable events

It gives hope, that tomorrow won’t be the same

Music tells me maybe everything will be okay

The truth in the lyrics motivates me

It makes me believe I can overcome anything

It lets me know I’m not alone

In and instant it can change my tone


The beats are medication

It mends my broken spirit

The bang bang snap gives me a jolt of energy

The beats are like coffee


The chorus replays in my head all day

It relaxes me when I’m tense

It allows me to express myself without throwing a fit


When I am upset, music comforts me

And if I feel like crying, it cries with me

Should a smile slip across my face, music grins

While I dance, music dances right along

Sometimes it even serves as away for God to communicate with me



*Please like and comment how music makes you feel. Thanks for reading!*

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