I Wanna Be

I wanna be great

I know the pain won’t just fade away

But, I wanna be successful

Able to let all the stress go

I wanna be a role model

Known for my brain, not for my body

I wanna be a leader

One who accomplishes things, others can’t even dream

I wanna be so happy that, I bring joy to people who don’t even know me

Is it so bad that I wanna be rich?

Take trips across the world, not have to worry

I wanna be a person who saves lives, who changes lives

I wanna be the girl who overcomes injustice

And stands up for what’s honorable


I refuse to believe I’m here just to pay bills

To spend all my life working, never getting to enjoy the thrills

I wanna be the one my family can count on

I wanna be the sun through these cloudy days

I am tired of struggling

I wanna be wealthy

Captivated to this life too long

I wanna be relieved


We all want something

Now is the time to get it

Slow and steady wins the race

But, you can’t jog in place if you wanna finish  first

Let’s cover some distant

Let us get somewhere

This is our year

Our time

We will create our destinies

We shall be all we work to be

At this moment we begin to build our legacies 



**Please like, follow, and comment what you want to be. Thank you!**

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