Inspired by 13 Reasons Why

Isn’t it strange that it’s vital for you to have people in your life, yet you can’t depend on a soul for your happiness? Contrary to statements from many people (including myself) saying they don’t need ANYone, we all need someone in our lives. What is the point of all the ups and downs in life if you don’t have someone special to share it with? No amount of money can heal a heart of loneliness.

Still we can’t stay in toxic relations, because we are afraid of being alone. Keeping friends, significant others, or even family members around that cause you physical or emotional harm, as a result of fear or boredom is unhealthy. You have to have peace within yourself, everyone goes through periods of loneliness (even when they aren’t really alone), but it will get better. There are people  out there for you. Don’t be afraid to let go of dead relationships, just because there is history with that person or you don’t think there is someone out there that can fill their spot. Always remember what one person won’t do another will. Everyone deserves people that make them feel good, to cry and laugh with, to share all their secrets with, to fight with, and to enjoy life with. Nonetheless, it all starts with loving yourself, excepting yourself, and depending on YOU for your happiness.


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