To be a Woman

As women most of us love to be told how beautiful we are, and we want people to appreciate the effort we put in. But, in a world where everything is sexualized and we as women are made to feel guilty for taking pride in our appearance, it can be uncomfortable to exist in our own skin. Other women look down on us, they make slick remarks like “Who are you trying to look cute for?”… Is it really that hard to compliment another woman, (Like clearly you thought I looked cute LOL)? Why should we be ashamed to look good or looked down on, because we present ourselves in our best attire?… And then men (rolls eyes). Men can make us feel unsafe, conversations shift from how attractive we are to what they would do to us if given half the chance. As if we are nothing more than objects, with only our bodies to offer. It wouldn’t even be so bad if people just kept their thoughts to themselves, we know some women are haters and men can be pigs, still to hear it out loud can make us feel uneasy. Especially when it gets to the point where we have to look over our shoulders at our own family…


You are beautiful

So we double check the length of our skirts, we pull our blouses up, on occasion we go as far as to ask our friends if we look like a hoe or if we’re overdressed. I have nothing against being modest, in fact I believe the way we dress tells a lot about who we are. However, women aren’t dressing to express themselves, but rather to fit in with how society says we should dress.

We also play those looks from our cousins or an uncle off as innocent and nothing more than our own paranoia; because who really wants to think that their own family members  are checking them out? We’re afraid to speak up about it, ’cause  how can a woman come back from calling someone in her family a perv of accusing them of checking her out, when they weren’t even looking in her direction… It can be challenging separating what’s normal from what is inappropriate. Then we hear stories where a girl encountered a male family member that wasn’t just being polite, it gets us thinking were we right all along… How can it be that even our own blood can’t see us as more than sexual beings? These are just a couple of the many ways it can be difficult to be a woman. Then to add the cherry on top we have to worry about our girls growing up in a world like this. I for one think about how I can keep my future daughter safe every time  I hear a story of sexual harassment or something in that nature. All parents want to do is keep their children safe, but it makes it hard when you don’t know who the enemy is. And I don’t want to be that parent who keeps their kids from experiencing life, because they are afraid… True we can educate are children on how to protect themselves, but we as women don’t even understand all the treats, which are perhaps the most dangerous…



*Inspired by a story recently shared with me*


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