Today, Be Happy

Today I choose happiness Yes life sucks, And it isn’t fair, And blah blah blah, But life is also what you make it. I’m not perfectly content with my life And tomorrow this joy will probably fade Still today I can relax, smile, laugh; even if it’s only for a moment The next day I’ll […]

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Inspired by 13 Reasons Why

Isn’t it strange that it’s vital for you to have people in your life, yet you can’t depend on a soul for your happiness? Contrary to statements from many people (including myself) saying they don’t need ANYone, we all need someone in our lives. What is the point of all the ups and downs in […]

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Music distracts from unfavorable events It gives hope, that tomorrow won’t be the same Music tells me maybe everything will be okay The truth in the lyrics motivates me It makes me believe I can overcome anything It lets me know I’m not alone In and instant it can change my tone   The beats […]

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